A client of ours that is in the driveway business used to pay thousands of dollars each year for ads in four or 5 phone directories. There was a time when these ads worked like a charm, sending qualified, interested buyers to their land line phones to call for a free estimate.

During the past decade, use of these directories has steadily declined. Until people start carrying them around in their pockets and purses, this trend will continue…..or wait…people do carry around phone directories in their pockets and purses, except they are digital directories. And they are dynamic which means they change daily, weekly or monthly.

Online directories are one way to buy yourself onto the first page of search results. You pay to be listed in the directory, and they, by the power of their domain authority, get rewarded with a first page position on the search engines. The cool thing is, you don’t have to be a directory to get on the first page. This is a democratic system where the sites with the most votes (best quality sites) can also sit right next to the Yellow Pages listing and other top sites like Yelp.

So think about which you’d rather have showing up on the first page of results…your company’s site or the yellow page-type site where you are one of many companies listed, for example, for driveway replacement?

And here’s another cool thing…you can have both! If you are curious, drop us a line and we’ll tell you how to get the best of all worlds.