Countless dollars have been wasted on tweets and posts on all kinds of social media.  The fact is, unless you have a well-crafted social media plan, all those efforts are just a waste of time and money.  Are your tweets resulting in engagement with your brand?  Do people follow you on Facebook because they really are fans?  A lot of chasing of likes and follows has been done over the past five years because it was purported to be a way to improve rankings and sell more stuff.  And, while some of that is true, do you really need a full time tweeter to send out messages a few times a day?  To what end?

There are simply some brands and businesses that aren’t suitable for that kind of social media.  For those companies, Linked In might be better.  If you are an interior designer, then posting on Pinterest might give people an idea of your design style, but are you feeding your sales pipeline or your ego?  Companies have limited time and limited resources.  You can’t pursue every shiny new object that comes down the pike.  We’ve seen companies spend thousands of dollars to get likes and followers and it hasn’t resulted in increasing sales at all.

If you are one of those companies who has spent money on internet marketing and don’t really see any return on your social media investment, perhaps you might benefit from an internet marketing assessment to see where the true return for your dollars really lies.  From Adwords, to banner ads to Facebook ads, there are quite a few options that may be suitable for your brand that don’t involve chasing a metric that will do you no good.

Putting it All Together with a Comprehensive Strategy Video