Whether you are a personal injury attorney, a patent attorney, a family law lawyer or a corporate attorney, you have no doubt experienced the raging competition for first page spots on Google and the other search engines. It is literally a feeding frenzy with so many fine law firms vying for space near the top of search engine results.

With so many firms aggressively pursing these coveted positions, you can well imagine how hard it is to break into the first page, let alone one of the first three spots. There is a lot of money and talent being thrown at sites in order to get them to rank. We chose the word thrown for a very good reason; it represents something that is not well-planned and well-executed.

Getting to the top of results is not an accident, nor is it something that can be forced. The top spots are earned. (Just like that old commercial where the gentleman warbled “they earn it”.) What are the factors that earn top ranking in Google? The video below outlines some thoughts on the subject straight from the mouths of Google, but in brief, here are the basics.

1. Content, and not just words. You can be a gifted orator, and be able to deftly argue your case in court, but what Google is looking for is what searchers are looking for: clear answers to the questions they are asking. The answer can come in the form of words, pictures, video or audio. The best answers get the top spots. Simple enough.

2. Engagement. The content above has to be engaging enough to keep people on the page. If enough people click off your site quickly, it means they didn’t find the answer they were looking for. Your bounce rate increases and your rankings go the other way.

3. Endorsements. We don’t mean reviews. We mean links. Links from authority sites. Links from other legal sites. Links from related sites. If someone is linking to your site, they must like it enough to go to the trouble of linking and they surely don’t want to disappoint their own site visitors with a link to a less-than-stellar site.

Can we get you the online traffic and rankings you need to grow your legal practice? You bet we can. We have built sites that are currently ranking on the first page for some pretty competitive Chicago legal search terms. We know what it takes to get there…and it includes careful planning, a strategic mindset and expert execution. Almost like winning a big case…it doesn’t happen by accident.

Google Webmasters SEO Video

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