With so many sites being hit by one algorithm update or another, we thought it would be a good idea to briefly discuss what kinds of updates affected what elements of sites.

Clever as Google is, they chose black and white animals to address black hat and white hat SEO practices.  Panda targeted content issues such as duplicate content and thin content.  Spammy content wasn’t spared either.  Penguin updates had to do with links, specifically automated linking farms, spammy links and poor linking practices in general.

Hummingbird is completely different and addresses the whole semantic web issue.  How we ask for information from Google and how Google finds the best answer is its mission.  Your content, its quality, the way it is organized and how easily it can be accessed are of paramount importance to Google.  They want to provide the best answer the quickest so you will continue to use their search engine and not one of the others.

So what is the best way to recover from lowered rankings due to one of these updates?  First, have your site analyzed by someone who knows not only what they are doing, but has enough experience to know what will work to fix it.   We have prepared a video (below) which shows when updates occurred so you can match traffic drops with the right algorithm update.  In most cases, we can tell pretty quickly if your issue is duplicate content or links or something else entirely. Check out the video and give us a call.



Penalty Recovery Video

For more information on the Penguin update, read this Wiki article.