What are the options for selecting a Chicago SEO company that will be the optimal choice for your company?  Every company is different and their needs are also different.  There is no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to SEO.

Today’s blog post was motivated by yet another large national SEO company broadcasting it’s “affordable packages” for SEO.  There is the obligatory beginner package at $250 directed at local businesses, the company package for the start-up that wants to rank for 5 or fewer keywords at $750 a month, then comes the large company package that sells for $1500 per month and then the mack-daddy of them all, the Enterprise package that “starts” at $2500 per month.

Packages cannot possibly address the particular needs of your website and your market.  It just isn’t possible.  Now, they can do some good.  If they bring in good quality links from relevant sites naturally, then that is a good long term asset to have.  If they maintain your social media presence with posts and tweets, then that is also good.  But are these efforts good enough to get your site to the top of results?  Do they consider your competition?  Do they address the burning questions your customers and prospects have that would lead them to your site for answers?  They can’t because they can’t be all things to all sites.

What they do well is fit a budget.  Which means that if you are a lawyer looking for the next $50,000 client or if you are a company selling $4 spatulas, then you are going to get the exact same plan.  As you can see, it just doesn’t make sense to choose your SEO company based on a specified dollar package.

Our rationale is that since every company is different, every company deserves a customized plan that is based on sound marketing principles and their competitive environment.  Give us a call today and we’ll show you why a customized plan is good for your business and your understanding and domination of your online market niche.

Take a look at the following video from Google. Matt Cutts discusses trust and all the factors that go into ranking a site (Google looks at 200!) See why a one-size-fits all package cannot possibly address what Google is looking for from your site.