Chicago SEO Options for Your Business

What are the options for selecting a Chicago SEO company that will be the optimal choice for your company?  Every company is different and their needs are also different.  There is no such thing […]

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SEO Domination



It is not very often that something in the world of SEO surprises even us. We thought that we had seen it all from the very good to the truly awful. Take a look […]

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Google Penalty Recovery

With so many sites being hit by one algorithm update or another, we thought it would be a good idea to briefly discuss what kinds of updates affected what elements of sites.

Clever as Google […]

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Everything is Local

You’ve heard the phrase “everything is local”. Well that is also true for SEO. Even if you are a multi-national company, you have to compete on a local level with local companies that provide […]

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Tortoise and Hare SEO

We are all guilty of having way too much on our plate at one time or another. This video post is especially timely given the time of year when we are looking back […]

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Use Google Hangouts to Engage with Customers

Do you have the type of business where you need to interact with your customers in real time?  We suggest that you check out Google Hangouts as a platform for holding these types of […]

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Start with a Strategy

For those who are new to SEO, here is a good place to start to understand how it works and how it benefits your company.  This is a webmaster video from Google.  Whether you […]

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Semantic Web and Authorship

Perhaps you’ve heard rumors about the semantic web. If you have been confused by what this means for your website, then this video published recently by Matt Cutts may explain what Google is […]

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Algorithm Update?

SEO industry insiders have noticed a marked change in rankings over the last few weeks.  Some speculate it will impact Google Local listings with a map update.  Others have cited industry-specific moves.  Still others […]

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