Let’s say your company has a website. It’s nice looking; it is a good billboard for your company’s goods or services. But it doesn’t work.

By work, we mean bring visitors to your site that will turn into good prospects that will turn into paying customers. That’s a site that works. Your site….not so much. It is sitting there, not being found on search results for anything. In effect, it’s a direct mail piece that never got mailed. All it does is cost you money, opportunity….but it may make the marketing department feel as if it is doing “something”.

Where do you begin to rectify this situation and turn a money pit into a money making machine? We are going to refer you to an article by Entrepreneur magazine which gives you a little advice on how to pick a SEO firm and what to watch out for. Some pretty good tips and advice in the article with which we concur wholeheartedly.

The article recommends a site audit/analysis which is something we do for every new customer or prospect that comes our way. We need to know what we will be working with. Knowing where we are starting informs the plan we will develop and that plan gives us a path to follow to end up where the customer needs to be. No plan. No measurable success.

Businesses are worried about SEO scams. Understandable…there is a lot about SEO that business owners don’t have the time or the inclination to learn about. This is where we differ from other SEO companies. We want our customers to understand what is going on and we endeavor to explain it in a way that is understandable and actionable. We believe that your trust in our abilities and integrity begins with transparency and we encourage questions and feedback every step of the way. Eventually, like so many of our clients, they are so busy with the new business that is coming their way that they just let us do our job. But that trust needs to be earned. Earning your trust is where we begin.

In the spirit of David and Goliath, here are some tips from Google to improve your site rankings, no matter how large your company is.