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Penalties that can hurt your rankings

What are the penalties that can affect your site rankings?

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Hat or No Hat?

To hat or not to hat, that is the question. With apologies to William Shakespeare, this blog is about all the color hats you hear about when businesses discuss SEO.

The truth is that all SEO is black hat. The color hats are just labels given to SEO practices by ignorant judges who hide their […]

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Penguin Purgatory

As we have long suspected, if your site has been hit with a Penguin penalty by Google, it will take an algorithm refresh for you to have any chance of recovering from this penalty on your present site.  Google confirmed this today (see video below for an explanation and a rant from a fellow […]

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Where to begin?

Let’s say your company has a website. It’s nice looking; it is a good billboard for your company’s goods or services. But it doesn’t work.

By work, we mean bring visitors to your site that will turn into good prospects that will turn into paying customers. That’s a site that works. Your site….not so much. […]

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Digging Deeper

We were recently contacted by a local firm looking for some help with their site’s SEO.  Before our initial meeting, we went to great efforts to examine their content, their site architecture, their links, their social properties and the use of keywords on their site.  Despite the fact that the site was pretty old […]

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The Social Media Trap

Countless dollars have been wasted on tweets and posts on all kinds of social media.  The fact is, unless you have a well-crafted social media plan, all those efforts are just a waste of time and money.  Are your tweets resulting in engagement with your brand?  Do people follow you on Facebook because they […]

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Measuring the Competition

When you look at your competition online, does it look like you are staring up an insurmountable mountain? There are certainly some online niches that have some pretty heavy hitters dominating the first page of results. Sometimes it’s the big brands with deep pockets. Sometimes it’s a competitor down the street.

It would be nice […]

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Things Change

A client of ours that is in the driveway business used to pay thousands of dollars each year for ads in four or 5 phone directories. There was a time when these ads worked like a charm, sending qualified, interested buyers to their land line phones to call for a free estimate.

During the past […]

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SEO for Doctors and Surgeons

There was a time when people contacted their general practitioner when they needed a recommendation for a specialist or surgeon.  Many people just do not have a GP anymore, instead relying on a variety of specialists or worse, the Internet, for their medical advice.  Instead of coming through a vetted source, potential patients are […]

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Lawyer SEO

Whether you are a personal injury attorney, a patent attorney, a family law lawyer or a corporate attorney, you have no doubt experienced the raging competition for first page spots on Google and the other search engines. It is literally a feeding frenzy with so many fine law firms vying for space near the […]

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Chicago SEO Options for Your Business

What are the options for selecting a Chicago SEO company that will be the optimal choice for your company?  Every company is different and their needs are also different.  There is no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to SEO.

Today’s blog post was motivated by yet another large national SEO […]

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SEO Domination



It is not very often that something in the world of SEO surprises even us. We thought that we had seen it all from the very good to the truly awful. Take a look at this image:

The image shows 10 first page listings from the same site for one keyword term. The website is […]

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Google Penalty Recovery

With so many sites being hit by one algorithm update or another, we thought it would be a good idea to briefly discuss what kinds of updates affected what elements of sites.

Clever as Google is, they chose black and white animals to address black hat and white hat SEO practices.  Panda targeted content issues […]

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Everything is Local

You’ve heard the phrase “everything is local”. Well that is also true for SEO. Even if you are a multi-national company, you have to compete on a local level with local companies that provide the same products and services as you do. People search from a specific location, whether at home or at work. […]

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Tortoise and Hare SEO

We are all guilty of having way too much on our plate at one time or another. This video post is especially timely given the time of year when we are looking back to see what we’ve accomplished in the first half of the year and looking ahead to the work that needs […]

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Use Google Hangouts to Engage with Customers

Do you have the type of business where you need to interact with your customers in real time?  We suggest that you check out Google Hangouts as a platform for holding these types of question and answer sessions.  Just this morning, the Swiss webmaster techs held a Hangout to address questions from independent webmasters.  […]

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Start with a Strategy

For those who are new to SEO, here is a good place to start to understand how it works and how it benefits your company.  This is a webmaster video from Google.  Whether you want to do it yourself, or hire an expert like Chicago SEO Pros, it’s always good to know where you […]

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Semantic Web and Authorship

Perhaps you’ve heard rumors about the semantic web. If you have been confused by what this means for your website, then this video published recently by Matt Cutts may explain what Google is working towards in that vein. And, if you were unconvinced about the future of Google Authorship, then there should […]

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Algorithm Update?

SEO industry insiders have noticed a marked change in rankings over the last few weeks.  Some speculate it will impact Google Local listings with a map update.  Others have cited industry-specific moves.  Still others are thinking that these moves are in anticipation of a major update which is forecast to happen around May 23 […]

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