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Things Change

A client of ours that is in the driveway business used to pay thousands of dollars each year for ads in four or 5 phone directories. There was a time when these ads worked like a charm, sending qualified, interested buyers to their land line phones to call for a free estimate.

During the past […]

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SEO for Doctors and Surgeons

There was a time when people contacted their general practitioner when they needed a recommendation for a specialist or surgeon.  Many people just do not have a GP anymore, instead relying on a variety of specialists or worse, the Internet, for their medical advice.  Instead of coming through a vetted source, potential patients are […]

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Lawyer SEO

Whether you are a personal injury attorney, a patent attorney, a family law lawyer or a corporate attorney, you have no doubt experienced the raging competition for first page spots on Google and the other search engines. It is literally a feeding frenzy with so many fine law firms vying for space near the […]

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